The Blobs: Deep inside Earth is a mystery that nobody understands

Deep inside Earth is a mystery that nobody understands. Thousands of miles below the surface are two of the planet’s biggest structures. Their technical name is “large low-shear-velocity provinces,” which is perhaps why scientists just prefer to call them “the blobs.”

One hangs around deep under Africa, and the other is far below the Pacific Ocean. Geophysicists first detected the anomalies in the 1970s, but they remain poorly understood. Their age, creation, and purpose are complete mysteries. Scholars have also failed to reach a consensus over their density and influence on geological processes.[

However, few disagree that the structures are epic. The blobs are hot pressurized rock reaching 100 times higher than Mount Everest. One description put the scale into perspective: If they stood on the surface of the planet, the International Space Station would have to change course to avoid hitting them

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