Scientists Succeed In Growing A Tiny Brain

The human brain is a thing of exquisite beauty. It is also phenomenally complex. Neurons fire off messages at breakneck speed across an intricate web of pathways. Every one of our thoughts and actions—everything from complex emotions to jerk reflexes—is controlled by that great cerebral nexus. Creating a replica human brain would be a prodigious challenge. We aren’t even entirely sure how it works in the first place.

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Ever Heard About House Of Scandal Hotel?

Meghan Markle stayed at the exclusive Cliveden House before her wedding to Prince Harry. But the classic English country house hides a shady past. Early owner William Waldorf Astor—known as America’s richest man in 1890—gifted Cliveden to his son Waldorf and Waldorf’s wife, Nancy. Their house parties were legendary, and the aristocratic, politically influential attendees were […]

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