Al-Muizz Street: The Street A Lot Of Pharoah Walked On, Oldest Street In Egypt

The pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza may draw Egypt’s biggest crowds, but a half-mile stretch of medieval architecture — recognized by the United Nations as the largest collection in the Islamic world — is the best place to learn about past and contemporary Cairo. Even better? While popular among locals, this fascinating, historic street remains mostly […]

The Blobs: Deep inside Earth is a mystery that nobody understands

Deep inside Earth is a mystery that nobody understands. Thousands of miles below the surface are two of the planet’s biggest structures. Their technical name is “large low-shear-velocity provinces,” which is perhaps why scientists just prefer to call them “the blobs.” One hangs around deep under Africa, and the other is far below the Pacific Ocean. […]

Rare Death Valley Lake

The hottest place on the planet is aptly named Death Valley. This cork-dry desert stretches through Southern California inside the Death Valley National Park. Each year’s rainfall barely tops 5 centimeters (2 in), and temperatures as high as 57 degrees Celsius (134 °F) leave little moisture anywhere. In 2019, something unusual showed up. A massive lake appeared near Salt […]

Almond Milk Rice: A Medieval Recipes Eaten By Kings. Try It

Medieval people loved to cook with almonds. Many recipes in The Forme of Cury contain them, so it should be no surprise that they also enjoyed almond milk. The rice in this recipe would have come from the other side of the world, so only the richest could afford to make this recipe. This was basically a medieval rice pudding, […]

Ever Heard About House Of Scandal Hotel?

Meghan Markle stayed at the exclusive Cliveden House before her wedding to Prince Harry. But the classic English country house hides a shady past. Early owner William Waldorf Astor—known as America’s richest man in 1890—gifted Cliveden to his son Waldorf and Waldorf’s wife, Nancy. Their house parties were legendary, and the aristocratic, politically influential attendees were […]